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Acidbinge is a people inclusive decentralized collaborative (DAO) based on Bingers. With the Acidbinge collaborative, we want to build the next Blue Chip NFT project with you.
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Meet the Bingers. Meet the Bingers.

What happens when you challenge an industrial designer to rethink digital collectibles? …well say hello to the Bingers, the ultra-realistic Acidbinge avatars, comprised of more than 300 different discs stacked on top of each other. 

Access to the DAO is granted by holding at least one of the Bingers in your wallet. Rarer ones grant you superior voting power. 

Different kind of mint... Different kind of mint...
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Twice a week, 1000 Bingers with different rarities are released into the wild wild web 3. With every release, your chance of minting a rare one increases.

The first release is a free mint, while the second release is available for ETH 0.001, which doubles with each release: The third release’s mint price is ETH 0.002, the fourth release’s mint price ETH 0.004 and so on.

If a release is not fully minted, the supply for future releases will be reduced to 50% of the actual minted amount. This process continues until all the supply reaches 0.

If in a release only 800 Bingers are minted, the supply going forward will be reduced to 400 Bingers per release. If in a following release only 100 Bingers are minted, the new supply going forward will be further reduced to 50 Bingers.

While theoretically having an indefinite supply, the collection size will be capped economically because of the doubling prices with every release.

What’s your bingerate? >>> What’s your bingerate? >>>
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50% of the net mint proceeds and royalties are allocated to the Acidbinge collaborative wallet which can be used pursuant to the majority decision of the Bingers.

Let’s build the next Blue Chip NFT community together.

Holding one or more Bingers allows to submit and vote on proposals on how to run the project – from identifying next steps to allocating the work, funding from the Acidbinge collaborative wallet and profits.

Founders are temporary. Community is permanent.

Our team will kickstart the Acidbinge DAO but will make way for your dreams and ideas. We are happy to introduce ourself but never forget that this project is about you! 



Hans is the ingenious artist who brings the MetaMes to life. With a background in architecture and advertising, his design and render skills have been in the making for way longer than web3 exists. He has co-initated Neues Amt Altona, an IRL DAO, making the co-workers owners of the co-working building. 


The project’s strategy is headed by Dennis. As a venture capital lawyer and co-founder of a successful startup selling millions of products worldwide every year, he knows how to navigate a company on its journey. 



Cornelius is our foreign minister, responsible for collaborations and communications. He alreadsy has co-founded an IRL DAO, constructing a co-working building owned by the co-workers. Together with Dennis, he has co-founded a successful startup, selling millions of products to corporate giants. 



Wladi is our developer, Swiss Army knife and non-fungible tekkie. Having coded his first website 20 years ago, worked in art direction for brands like VW, Mercedes and Coca Cola, developed a science based medical app, been an artist, record label owner



There can only be one NFD – non fungible degen – and this is John. His experience in information technology and collecting art helps him navigate through the NFT jungle. With his deep knowledge of and tight personal connections within the space as well as his passion for art, by sharing the latest developments in NFT markets, other alpha and making the right introductions, he not only manages but lives the Acidbinge community. 

Acidbinge: Where you co-create the next Blue Chip >>>
What’s your bingerate? >>> What’s your bingerate?

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