++ Genesis NFTs coming soon ++ Genesis NFTs coming soon
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The Groupon of Web3 packed in PFPs: Customize and change your MetaMe’s utilities and looks however you want at any given moment. 


1. Start with a free mint of a BaseMe

2. Swap stacks in the Shop and build your custom MetaMe (opening soon). 

You can also become a seed investor by minting one of our limited Genesis NFTs.

Are you new to the NFT space and need more help? Visit our Getting Started Page

++ Genesis NFTs coming soon ++ Genesis NFTs coming soon


A MetaMe is a reflection of you and a people inclusive modular NFT project based on Polygon and Ethereum that aims to take NFTs to the next level. By swapping stacks in the MetaMe Shop you can customize your MetaMe’s utilities and looks at any given moment. It’s up to you and what you make out of it. With our novel approach which is focused on providing IRL utility from outside partners, we want to become the Groupon of Web3 packed in PFPs.
You start with a BaseMe, that we offer as a continuous no strings attached free mint with no time restrictions and that can be claimed here. After minting the BaseMe, you can mint new stacks in the MetaMeShop and create your very own MetaMe. As each individual stack is a NFT, you can not only trade your MetaMe but also individual stacks on secondary markets such as OpenSea. The first purchasable product will be the Genesis NFT, making you a seed investor in the MetaMeShop and partcipating in its revenue. More information is shared very soon.
The Genesis NFT is your seed investment in the MetaMeShop in the form of unique PFPs based on Ethereum. The Genesis NFTs not only look amazing but most importantly enable the holders to receive a participation in the revenue generated by the MetaMeShop. This is particularly appealing because we expect most of the revenue to be generated from B2B partnerships. Find out more about the Genesis NFTs here.

For us, it is important to pull authentic utility from outside of the MetaMe project into your MetaMe and collaborate with other web3 and IRL businesses. We can think of so many use cases, but let’s give you just a few ideas. Your local independent cinema co-launches its loyalty card scheme on a MetaMe popcorn stack. You attend your local soccer clubs’ game and get your team’s jersey as a POAP MetaMe stack. Get your favorite online retailer’s stack and enjoy a discount on your purchases. We constantly feed the shop with new drops and expect most of those stacks created in collaboration with partners to be offered as free mints.

Unlike other NFT projects where most people won’t be able to participate in the NFT’s journey since they won’t be lucky enough to mint or have enough crypto to spend on the secondary market, we want to build a people inclusive modular NFT project open for everyone irrespective of the moment they join. We are also focused on pulling authentic utility to the project that is created by outside partners as this will (i) create interesting utility to choose from for customizing your MetaMe to your needs while (ii) generating a cash flow mainly from those B2B partners instead of charging the NFT holders and (iii) making sure that our business survives no-hype phases since we are not dependent on increasing secondary market sales prices. By making all of this modular you can customize your MetaMe to your needs. You can read our mission statement here Twitter mega-thread and we will publish our Whitepaper very soon.

We grant you a full-fledged IP license for private and uncapped commercial use of the IP associated with the NFTs that you buy and that are created by us. The IP for NFTs created in collaboration with other brands is governed by separate agreements. We will, however, always encourage those brands to give you a broad license, too. 



End Q2 2022 and continuously ​


Free Mint of the BaseMe, a naked version of your future MetaMe. The BaseMes are fully inclusive: everyone can mint at any time for free, no gas wars, no FOMO, no strings attached, empowering everyone to join the journey. 

You can mint the BaseMe for free here. Now, tomorrow and in five years. 


Q3 2022

Genesis NFT

Limited to 8,888 Genesis NFTs, you’ll receive a unique 1/1 MetaMe in different rarity levels curated by our artist team. 

You will be seed investing in the MetaMeShop, the Groupon of Web3: a novel NFT business model, where the cashflow is planned to be mainly generated by B2B sales and not by the NFT holders. 

Find out more about the Genesis NFTs on the mint page here.

Q4 2022

Stack Shop

The modular stacks enable you to change your MetaMe’s utilities and looks at any given moment by swapping stack by stack as stacks come with different utilities. 

For us, it is important to bring utility from outside B2B partners into your MetaMe: 

  • interesting utility to choose from for customizing your MetaMe to your needs 
  • generating a cash flow from B2B partners instead of charging NFT holders 
  • making sure that the MetaMeShop survives no-hype phases 



Hans is the ingenious artist who brings the MetaMes to life. With a background in architecture and advertising, his design and render skills have been in the making for way longer than web3 exists. He has co-initated Neues Amt Altona, an IRL DAO, making the co-workers owners of the co-working building.


The project’s strategy is headed by Dennis. As a venture capital lawyer and co-founder of a successful startup selling millions of products worldwide every year, he knows how to navigate a company on its journey.


Cornelius is our foreign minister, responsible for collaborations and communications. Together with Dennis, he has co-founded a successful startup, selling millions of products to customers worldwide and collaborating with corporate giants. Besides, he has co-founded an IRL DAO, constructing a co-working building owned by the co-workers.


Wladi is our developer, Swiss Army knife and non-fungible tekkie. Having coded his first website 20 years ago, worked in art direction for brands like VW, Mercedes and Coca Cola, developed a science based medical app, been an artist, record label owner and resident DJ in a well-known techno club and a yoga teacher, it is not surprising that he has been in web3 since the early days.


++ Genesis NFTs coming soon ++ Genesis NFTs coming soon

Full Packs

Full Packs

Get a free BaseMe

Welcome to the Metaverse!

Free Mint

Get a 1/1 Genesis NFT

Limited set curated by ACIDBINGE

Price TBA


We are building the Groupon of Web3

Each stack in the MetaMe not only comes with different looks but also different IRL utility from outside partners. Think of it as discount codes or bonus cards on steroids that you can use to build and constantly change your MetaMe stack by stack.

Pulling the utility from outside partners also means that the MetaMeShop’s cash flow is mainly generated from outside the NFT space so that most of the stacks will be free mints for you. 



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Beer Hat ★

Special Colors



Magic Mushrooms


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Bitcoin for Charon ★

Special Colors

VR Headset

Special Colors




Special Colors

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Red Dots


Piercing II


Cat ★

Special Colors



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Bavarian Moustache ★

Special Colors

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Special Colors

Helix Neck Piece

Special Colors





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Special Colors



++ Genesis NFTs coming soon ++ Genesis NFTs coming soon

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